50 Cent’s Ex Says The Rap Star And Son Marquise Mending Relationship

(AllHipHop News)

50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins’ relationship has weighed heavy on their son, Marquis.

The 90s Hip-Hop couple was in essence one of the greatest “Bonnie & Clyde” loves that we could point to.

Sure there was Pepa and Treach, Faith and Biggie, but Shaniqua and 50 became notorious as she hid him from the opps out in PA after an attempted assassination and before he popped off with rapper-turned-mogul Eminem.


She held him down … at least for a season … but then it went bad. REAL BAD!

And while circumstances of young love burning dim impacted the two, it was most devastatingly affected the relationship between the then teen Marquis and his father, to whom he bears an undeniable splitting-image.

The very public fall out is uncomfortable even for the noisiest rap fan. Disrespect, threats, abandonment, public street code betrayals, and all kinds of other horrible ish have made it seem like neither of these two Jacksons could ever reconcile.

However, on the Flip the Script podcast with Queens influencer, Queenzflip, Marquise’s mother Shaniqua tried to unpack the very unfortunate destruction of her family and the struggles they continue to have. She also gives two gems that say all is not lost.

First, she revealed that her son spoke to his dad a few years ago. But actually, connected at his grandmother’s funeral, and in a moment of great pain and compassion, he kissed his father.

“We go to the funeral– this was about six years ago– we’re already there, we’re sitting on the family side. [50] comes in late with the girl Tatted Up Holly.”

“We go to view the body and to go view the body, you have to walk in front of [50] because he’s in the first row,” she further stated. “Marquise hadn’t spoken to his father in years, it had to be about 2-3 years. He went over to his dad and kissed him on the forehead. So when you say ego, I’m lost with that one. If that wasn’t a beautiful gesture… he went and kissed his father on the forehead and proceeded back to his seat.”

While there is a long road to total reconnect, nothing is off the table. Perhaps, a new year can usher in healing.

Second thing: she and the “Power” producer have also spoken over the last two years during his legal troubles in California with his other child’s mother.

She also revealed that she spoke to him a little before that during his grandmother, Beulah Jackson’s funeral in 2014.