Auggie Velarde and blackwinterwells release “Flare” Official Music Video

(AllHipHop Music)

Hyperpop has been placed on the forefront of rising music scenes and is now one of the most popular new genres. With many songs dominating the internet, these underground artists are now becoming the face for editorial Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud playlists. However, it’s important to remember the early days of this style – and that’s where the names Auggie Velarde and blackwinterwells, fall into place.

Auggie Velarde is a songwriter and producer based in Miami, Florida – and is also the founder of The Wave Cache (Record Label), which works with Sony for music publishing.

With many accolades under his name, such as winning the TUMI USA Award in 2018, which recognizes exceptional Peruvian immigrants residing in the United States, it’s no wonder Auggie Velarde is also one of the first in pushing new boundaries within the music landscape.

Blackwinterwells is a well-respected underground producer – especially within the hyperpop scene, with many successes under her belt. Under the Garden Avenue producer collective, blackwinterwells has helped create classics like “ok im cool” featuring osquinn and “sick” featuring glaive.

Releasing “Flare” in 2019, the track was an exploration into a new genre filled of unknown findings, and endless possibilities.

Exploring the depths of inner turmoil and conflict, the two musicians create a multi-faceted and sonically stimulating piece that hits all the right places – and some more. As the genre was a new frontier, the two talented creators helped pioneer a new sound that has now quickly caught the waves of the mainstream.

Hyperpop is a new genre that gained rapid motion due to its inclusivity, as many artists creating within the field are from diverse backgrounds, and involvement within social media platforms, particularly SoundCloud, Twitter, and TikTok. The genre is unique due to its draw on electronic and dance music, but with many other stylistic influences making an appearance within each track, including but not limited to: trap, emo-rap, alternative rock, and more.

“Life’s not what it seems, life never begins,” sings Auggie Velarde on “Flare”.

The official music video uses a bleak color template, with the contrast between black and white color usage creating the storyboard for the moving motion. However, halfway through the central character receives a light source, adding a new layering of hope – creating a satisfying artistic package.

Created by Quadio Media as part of Quadio’s 2020 Collab Challenge, the music video is an enjoyment to watch, and an enthralling experience. You can watch the official music video here.