#BRUHNews: HoneyKomb Brazy’s Grandparents Killed In House Fire, Might Be Homicide

Source: @HoneyKomb_Brazy / Instagram

Just when you think Rap can’t get more out of control we are unfortunately proven wrong. One rapper has lost family members due to his reported street ties.

HoneyKomb Brazy has suffered a major loss in his life and the story is just out of this world. According to reports his grandparents allegedly were victims of barbaric street warfare. On Wednesday, February 17 Tony Lewis and Leila Lewis perished in a house fire at their home on Dr. Thomas Avenue in Mobile, Alabama. According to Fox 10 firefighters arrived at a scene but were unsuccessful in trying to rescue them and found their remains after they were able to put out the blaze.

An unidentified witness close to the scene claims they heard gunshots prior to the fire. They shared their story with WKRG News 5. “All I heard was a boom. It sounded like a bunch of shots,” they said. “Lord have mercy. Don’t tell me they were up in there because Lord, I heard the children coming across the field crying.” The news outlet also says that family members stated that the two elders were shot and killed prior to the fire but the local authorities have yet to confirm those details. Public Safety Director James Barber has revealed they do believe this tragedy was no error and are investigating it as a homicide.

Letecha Lang, a family member, expressed her rage regarding the loss. “We don’t know how it happened, but we do know someone came and did this. We know it was gruesome, like no one deserved to be taken from here like that. Not only our family, no human life” she said. “They had no regards for human life when they did what they did. This just don’t make no sense. You have hurt so many lives, daughters, sons, grandkids, great grandkids. You’re talking about a couple that had been together over 50 years.”

HoneyKomb Brazy took to his Instagram to pen a touching tribute to his grandfather and grandmother. “Long live grandma n grandpa y’all was my heart fr I put y’all in every song I hate y’all got caught up In my Shìt smh this Shìt hurt main I beg y’all to let me move y’all everyday but y’all Taught me how to be stand up guy y’all always told me If it’s our time it’s our time god got us” he wrote.

While Brazy hasn’t directly implicated the perpetrators the internet soon swelled up with speculation that this all stems to some of his street beef. As his moniker alludes to he is also a Blood member or affiliate. In 2020 the “Straighten Up” rapper was streaming from his car when he was shot at several times.