Cardi B Insists She Was Joking When She Made Booger Sugar Reference At Met Gala Party

If nothing else Cardi B has been known to shoot from the lip and create controversy at times with her words and thoughts, so when she seemingly encouraged people to drink some liquor and to “take a line” at the Met Gala, people thought she was being deadass. She says she wasn’t.

According to Page Six, Cardi felt the need to clear up her intentions and naturally said she was only joking when she said “Make sure you got your drinks, make sure y’all do your little [lines]. Whatever the f–k you have to do. We got to turn the f–k up. I want everybody dancing!” 

We mean, we wouldn’t be surprised if some if not many of the celebrities attending the Met Gala on Monday (May 2) took a little nose candy with them to indulge in. In a video posted online, Cardi told the crowd to get their drink on while making a reference to sniffing cocaine before the video cut off.

Real talk, we all know many celebs indulge in that Snow White. Still, we understand it’s a taboo subject so it is what it is. Regardless, people on social media didn’t appreciate her drug encouraging words and vented as much.

Knowing she had to clear things up, Cardi took to Instagram Live to reaffirm that she was only joking when she made the cocaine reference and calls out social media users for making a big deal out of a little joke.

“I make one joke as a hostess because I am hosting a party and it gets twisted. Why can’t every celebrity joke around and say slick s–t?” she told her followers, admitting she’s “scared” to make any wrong moves.

“I’m tired. I can’t be myself anymore,” she continued. “Anything that will go on social media is always bad. If I could click my f–king feet three times and go back to f–king 2013 when I was just a regular bitch, dancing and making money every single night, that is where I want to be. That’s when I was me.”

We mean, it’s not like she was hosting a high school prom when she said it. These are rich folks who are old enough to make their own decisions.

Grow up, people.

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Reported by Scoop JaXon