Casanova To Be Disciplined For Doing The Junebug Challenge From Prison

Source: @Stretchd_34 of / Radio One Digital

2021 really hasn’t been Casanova’s year as he’s found himself facing some serious charges and could possibly end up doing a long bid when it’s all said and done.

Now TMZis reporting the 34-year-old Brooklyn rapper has once again run afoul of the law and might end up getting disciplined by authorities for participating in a TikTok “Junebug” dance challenge from behind bars. The challenge itself calls for people to do something similar to the Shmoney Dance in the weirdest locations they can think of. Well, prison is a strange place to partake in the challenge, no? Casanova thought so and after a visitor recorded him doing the challenge and uploading it to social media, authorities weren’t too pleased and are now apparently looking to punish him for having fun in jail.

At least Cas seems to be in good spirits, right?

Jail officials didn’t see it that way, and now he’s facing discipline. Westchester County Correction Commissioner Joseph Spano says Casanova’s video visitation privileges have been yanked … turns out recording videos and taking pics during a visit are prohibited.
That’s not Casanova’s only problem … he faces another disciplinary charge for not wearing a mask during the video visit.TMZ reached out to Casanova’s attorney, James Kousouros who had this to say about the situation.

“I am unaware of the specific allegations however, this does appear to be a harmless infraction under the circumstances. These fellas are in prison, with no visits or meaningful contact with their loved ones. It is unimaginably difficult to keep your spirits and faith under such circumstances.”


What kind of disciplinary action Cas faces is unknown but Lord knows it’s really not that serious.