Dr. Dre’s Ex-Wife Wants To Question 3 Women About Alleged Affairs With Dr. Dre

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

After an already drama filled back-and-forth in court, Dr. Dre’s pending divorce from his wife Nicole Young just continues to get crazier.

After securing a sizable spousal support allowance from the Hip-Hop icon, Nicole Young now wants to speak to three women whom she claims Dr. Dre’s been playing sugar daddy with during their marriage. In documents obtained by TMZ, Mrs. Young wants to sit down with the women for depositions and find out whether or not the “California Love” rapper was spreading a bit too much love on his side-pieces or not.

In the docs, Nicole claims the women’s lawyer is trying to delay their depositions until the validity of the prenup is decided … but Nicole wants answers sooner rather than later, because she says it could affect spousal support and the validity of her prenup itself.
Specifically, Nicole says one of the women bought a $2.15-million house free and clear in 2019 … and she wants to ask if Dre provided the dough for the purchase.
That’s lowkey chump change for Dr. Dre to spend on someone he’s hiding in the shadows. Just sayin.’
While it may seem like Young is just looking for dirt on her soon to be ex-husband, the issue actually has monetary consequences should it be revealed that he was funding the lives of other women in his life.
It would appear Dre has more than enough money to provide support to Nicole regardless of whether he’s paid money to any other women … but the depositions could be relevant if a judge were to invalidate the prenup — then any money that might have gone to these women would be community property and Nicole presumably would demand her half.
Welp! Good luck with that, Doc.

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