Killer Mike Teams Up With Black Barbers For Mental Health Awareness

Killer Mike is all about helping the community, and the latest example of that has him teaming up with a non-profit that trains Black barbers to be mental health advocates for a new initiative.

The Confess Project announced on Wednesday, May 12 that they are hosting a Mental Health Awareness Day and that they’re partnering with The Swag Shop, a barbershop run by veteran MC and one half of Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, to host the event.

Founded in 2016 in Arkansas, The Confess Project is a movement dedicated to training Black barbers about mental health awareness so that they can help foster a strong culture of good mental health among Black men and boys in a safe space, with coping mechanisms as part of the instruction materials. The National Barbers Mental Health Awareness Day event will be held at the famous barbershop’s flagship Edgewood location in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will feature TCP founder Lorenzo Lewis, as well as their special guest speaker and veteran MC and community advocate David Banner.

The Swag Shop is one of many Black-owned barbershops in the nation that are allied with The Confess Project in their mission, which to date has over 1000 professional barbers who are part of its growing network. The event is a precursor to the organization making the city of Atlanta its new national headquarters. The Confess Project has garnered high praise and support since its inception, entering into partnerships with Andis Company, Gillette, and the Arthur Blank Foundation which was formed by the owner of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. The National Barbers Mental Health Awareness Day will take place on Thursday, May 19th from 12:30 P.M. to 2 P.M. More information on the work of The Confess Project can be found on their website.

Written By Christopher Smith

Reported by Scoop JaXon