Tadoe Talks ‘No Guts No Glory’, Slowing Down On Lean, Swae Lee Feature & More!

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If you’re a fan of Chief Keef, you’re a fan of Glo Gang. If you’re a fan of Glo Gang, you’re a fan of Tadoe. As a member of Sosa’s Glory Boyz Entertainment as well as his blood cousin, the Chicago native has cemented his name as one of the pioneers of Chicago’s drill scene — a movement that has since influenced many generations to come.

Releasing his debut project titled Molly Water back in 2013, Tadoe has since amassed a cult following, best known for standout collaborations such as 2018’s “I Kill People” with Trippie Redd and Chief Keef. Beyond the music, it’s Tadoe’s out-of-this-world personality and antics that fans can’t help but gravitate towards, as mentioned by DooWop’s interview with Shirley Ju on Shirley’s Temple. <>

Fast forward to 2021, Tadoe unleashes his newest album titled Chief Keef Presents: No Guts No Glory. The 13-track project is spearheaded by lead single “It’s Up” and closing track “CPR” featuring Chief Keef.

AllHipHop: How have you been holding up with COVID & everything?

Tadoe: Just chillin’, running it up. It’s a bandemic, not a pandemic. Getting to the money, standing out the way.

AllHipHop: New album No Guts No Glory, how are you feeling?

Tadoe: It’s going crazy, I’m excited. It’s still going crazy right now, that’s the beginning. We’ve got more work coming, I’ve got more tapes dropping. The gang coming: Sosa coming, W## coming, Fredo coming. We coming.

AllHipHop: I interviewed DooWop recently were you in the Bang Bang Flintstone Gang?

Tadoe: Nah, I wasn’t. That was Sosa, he was a shorty shorty rocking then with W##, Cap, Slick. I wasn’t even thinking about rapping or none of that.

AllHipHop: When did you realize you could rap?

Tadoe: S###, when Sosa started rapping. He’s like “rap fool, try it.” I went crazy one time, he said “damn, you could rap.” It’s up since. I wasn’t even thinking about rapping. Even when he was rapping, I still wasn’t f###### with rap. [laughs] Fredo heard it, he’s like “you raw! You can rap, you can write this?” It’s been a go since. We’ve been in it since 10 years ago.

AllHipHop: You’ve been rapping for a decade, how have you grown as an artist and individual?

Tadoe: I got better. At first when I first started rapping, I couldn’t really do hooks. Sosa was teaching me, and it was over after that. Now I’m a GOAT at this stuff.

AllHipHop: No Guts No Glory is one hell of a title, talk about the meaning.

Tadoe: “No Guts No Glory” means you scared, go to church. Scared man, dead man. You don’t grind, you don’t shine. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Don’t be scared.

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AllHipHop: Can you touch on the cover art?

Tadoe: The cover art was really on some quick, last minute s###. Cas said “man, we need a cover for the tape! Hey man, grab the gun. We’re finna take a picture.” I said “what? I don’t want no gun, I’m on probation.” He’s like “man, come on.” Damn, alright bet. I did it real quick, he did the picture. He sent it back in 30 minutes. He did the cover quick. He said “that’s a go, that’s the cover. We finna do it, it’s up.” We ain’t even put no ideas, but it’s going crazy. They’re rocking with us, so I’m rocking.

AllHipHop: Are you still on probation?

Tadoe: Yeah, I’ma be out though. I’m finna be out. When I get out, I’m giving these people hell. Wait ‘til I get off this probation. They think I’m turnt, watch this. It’s coming.


AllHipHop: Do you ever worry about promoting guns and violence to your fans?

Tadoe: They’re prop guns. [laughs] I don’t like having guns. We don’t do that, all the guns in the video. I don’t use them. They’re prop guns though. Me and Sosa shot a movie, “BANG BANG” with Mike Will. We had all the lil prop guns, they be shooting. It was fun.

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AllHipHop: Bring us back to that studio session for “It’s Up,” that’s a banger.

Tadoe: We’re in the crib, Sosa was making a beat. I was playing, I was rapping. He said “what you say? C’mon man, put that on the mic.” I said “damn, that could be a hook huh?” “It’s Up,” I was f###### around. We ran with it. I’m freestyling the verse, I’m riding the beat. Sosa said “you’re going crazy, fool.” I hear the hook at the time and that one verse. Nah, I’ve got to go back in. I’m finna make this a whole song. We made the whole song, it was history after that.

That day, I recorded 6 songs back to back. Most stuff I didn’t even put out. I was going so crazy at the time. He put on another beat, I’d go crazy, it’s a hit. I did another beat. I was going, I was freestyling. I never wrote a song since we’ve been in. I never wrote no bars in my iPhone, I never wrote no songs in my book. Any songs you hear from me, I get it off the head. Off the beat, off the vibe. I’m going right in. I don’t even think I could write a song. I ain’t got the patience to sit down and write or think about writing a song. I’ma go in, I’ma punch in. If I mess up, I’ma delete this, go back, and we gon’ make it right. I really one take this sh-t. I get in the studio, hear the beat, I’m gone. Sosa’s like “damn, you’ve got two more bars.” G######, two more bars? I’m going crazy. I know how to do it now, it’s nothing to me.

AllHipHop: Chief Keef produced almost 75% of the album, how was that creative process?

Tadoe: It was fun. We’re in the crib, vibing and smoking. Sosa’s making beats, I’ll be playing around. I’ll say “c’mon Sosa, record me.” He’s like “what, you forreal?” Even when I’m playing, sometimes when I want to record, he don’t be wanting to record me. Man, you wanna play? Because I really don’t like going to studios, speaking with the engineer. Man, I’m knocking the engineer out. I ain’t got time. Sosa does it, I can admit he knows how I like it. It’s easy. “Sosa, do this. Put this right here. I wanna say this. Nah, repeat that. Say this.”

Sosa be tweaking off me. Sosa knows, I never wrote a song in my life. Even when we’re with Interscope, none of that. Back then, I made Sosa start freestyling songs. I’d get high, vibe out to the beat. Sosa’s like “damn, you freestyled that?” He’s seeing I’m doing it. Back then, I used to be screaming, going crazy. Now I’m coming hard off the head. They’re like “damn, you’re going crazy.” I’ve got it now.


AllHipHop: How’d “CPR” come about?

Tadoe: Sosa was in the crib going crazy. I’m like “damn, this beat hard. Who made this?” He’s rapping, he’s going crazy. I said “put me on this. I need to be on this, I’m finna go.” We’re really playing in the crib, playing! He said “c’mon, you wanna get on this?” I said yeah, he recorded me. I’m freestyling, talking about “run it back, run it back.” I’m freestyling forreal.

AllHipHop: What about the video?

Tadoe: I was at my homie’s lil mansion, we’re having a photoshoot. One day, he said “man, we’re finna shoot this video.” It was my lil cousin’s birthday, we shot the video in front of the crib. Sosa had just bought the red Hellcat. He was geeking, he wanted to shoot the video so we shot that quick. Everything came naturally. We don’t be on no acting, on no fugazi. It really be turnt.


AllHipHop: How’s it feel to have you and Yachty’s video reach 2 million views on Youtube?

Tadoe: I don’t really be checking the numbers, I don’t really care. Once they go crazy, I’ll be watching them for a week. After that, I’m onto the next, thinking about something else. I don’t look at numbers at all. That got 2 million? That’s lit, that’s turnt. That’s wassup. Shout out Lil Yachty, that’s my boy. At first, I didn’t even want him on that song. I was finna put Herb on there. “Get It Bussin,” freestyled that. Sosa’s like “what’s this? They’re finna tweak off this! We’re both finna put Lil Yachty on here.” What twin, you ain’t putting Lil Yachty on my…” He said “man, he’s going to go crazy.”

Lil Uzi was finna get on that song, I sent him that. Boy it’s turnt, I’m finna go crazy. Sosa ended up sending it to Yachty and Yachty sent it back quick, it was history after that. Shout out Lil Yachy, that’s my boy. We linked up. He came out to LA like “we’re finna shoot that video. It’s cracking.” Call them fools, went to shop. Hit Nordstrom, hit the mall, got Burberry, and we shot the video. It’s viral. I rock with Lil Yachy, he’s a cool lil dude.

AllHipHop: How was it working with Yachty, who’s completely sober?

Tadoe: Yeah, he’s sober. If he’s with us, I don’t know. I don’t think nobody around us be sober. I don’t think we’re going to let you be sober. He was cool. We’re sippin’ drank, we weren’t out here smoking. Prob sippin’. We’re doing us, you know how we do.

AllHipHop: That reminds me of the song, “Hate Being Sober.”

Tadoe: Yeah, we hate being sober. We hate that, we can’t even focus without… Actually, I ain’t even been f-cking around. I ain’t been smoking weed, drinking lean, none of that for about 2 months. I don’t care about none of that. Man, I’m trying to turn up. I don’t care about no drugs anymore. I don’t smoke weed anymore.

AllHipHop: You don’t smoke anymore?

Tadoe: Not how I used to. I can, we live in LA. It’s weed everywhere. I don’t care about weed anymore. How I’d wake up: “yeah, I’ve got to smoke some weed.” Nah, I been stopped that. Then the lean prices went up in LA since the Corona, I ain’t finna be drinking $10K in through the haze. That sh-t over with. The price went up, damn I spent $30K on that sh-t f-cking around.

AllHipHop: How do you feel?

Tadoe: I feel good sober. It’s great, I’m gucci. It ain’t nothing like how I used to be: “damn, I need the drink.” I don’t need it anymore. I’m cool, it’s over with. I used to drink everyday, all day. Smoke all day. I ain’t never needed to drink. I really like liquor. I really like drinking Remy and Hennessy, but then we moved to LA. We’re sipping lean in Chicago but we moved to LA, this sh-t is everywhere like water. We’re going crazy. Don’t nobody sip more lean or smoke more weed than us, but I don’t really need it anymore. I used to want it everyday, but I don’t care for it anymore. I’ve been running it up. I’m finna turn up, I’m up. You finna see, I’m not playing. That drink, I’ll be sleep. I’ll be up to 6am, it’ll have me sleeping lazy. I wake up mad, I want to argue, I want to fight. I want to do all types of sh-t. Now, I don’t really care.

AllHipHop: Do your fans know you stopped?

Tadoe: I ain’t stop though, I just don’t care for it. It tastes good as hell, that’s my Kool-Aid. I love it, I ain’t just stop. I don’t give a f-ck about no lean and no weed, I’ve got tons. It’s LA, it’s tons of lean. I ain’t finna waste money on sh-t anymore, it’s over with. Not until they drop the price with all of this pandemic stuff. It ain’t been a pandemic for me, it’s been a bandemic. I’m still getting money. I don’t care about no shows, none of that. We’re running it up. I speak facts and count racks.

AllHipHop: People say a lot of rappers today got influenced by Glo Gang, what are your thoughts?

Tadoe: We’re trendsetters, of course. Half of the industry looks up to us. They want to be me, be Sosa, be Fredo, be Ballout, they want to be gang. We started this. All these rappers, even them old rappers who are 35 used to be dickriding us, calling us to get in the stu. Get your overgrown, goofy a## on. You tryna link, go to the stu? You’re d-ckriding, biting, stealing our swag, talking like us. I’ve been a trendsetter since a shorty though. Folks are going to tell you, I’ve been that. These are our sons, these Sosa’s sons. All these rap n—-s my cousins, they know what’s up with us. I don’t care about no Instagram, how much money you got, how much passes you’ve got. N—-s know where that sh-t comes from, where that sh-t started. I don’t give a f-ck what you’ve got more than me. You know what it is, you know what’s up. N—-s look up to us.

AllHipHop: 8 year anniversary of Finally Rich, how’s that make you feel? Fondest memories from those days?

Tadoe: That’s wassup, it’s cool. That’s the life man, the moment. Back then when we first got in, everything was exciting. Everything was new to us. We’re geeking to get in there, put our heads in, see what’s going on. It was exciting, it was an experiment. We’re going state to state seeing how these rappers were coming, be getting around these rappers and all types of people. It was exciting, it’s still exciting. It’s still fun, but we the GOATs now. Now we see.

It was fun because we were rookies. We’re getting in it. We ain’t never been in nothing. We come from Chicago. We weren’t going state to state, rappers getting money, picking up money, going shopping. It was exciting. We’re geeking, it was fun. You know how it goes. Some people are still here, some people got caught up. Some people got killed, it’s a lot of numbers. RIP n—-s, we gon’ keep going. We’ve got this far. Another 20 years, we don’t want to talk.

AllHipHop: What can we expect from your deluxe album, coming late February?

Tadoe: Little features, I’ll probably throw Swae Lee on there. I’ve got a little song with Swae Lee. Swae Lee actually gave me the song. I put up a verse on it, he wanted me to have it. He said “put that on your tape.” It was supposed to be on this tape, but I’ve got a few more songs I’ll add to it. I’ve got to holla at my manager, shout out Peter Pan. We’re going to make it make sense. I didn’t even want to do a deluxe. I’m like “nah, what? We’re going to save this for the next tape.” They said “nah man, we’re finna do a deluxe.” Alright, we made it happen.

AllHipHop: How was it working with Swae Lee?

Tadoe: I met Swae Lee when he was in the mall. We were shopping. I bumped into him, he said “man I stay in the valley.” Alright bet. He sent me the song then 3 days later, I ended up seeing Jxmmi, the other Rae Sremmurd. I said “boy, Swae Lee just sent me this song. He told me he wants me to get on the song.” I told Swae I was putting it on my tape. He wanted me to have it on No Guts No Glory, but they ended up missing the deadline. We didn’t end up getting it cleared. Now, they want to do a deluxe so we’re gon’ do what it do, make it make sense.

AllHipHop: What are you most excited for in the new year?

Tadoe: Man, we’re buying a lot of property. 2021, we’re getting a lot of property. New music, it’s a lot of stuff going. New cribs, new money, new jewelry, everything new all 2021. We’re going to be in this another 20 years so it’s up. We’re finna go crazy.