Tekashi’s Baby Mama Fears His Mouth Will Make Them A Target

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Even with a well-documented history of snitching on half of Brooklyn and inexplicably calling Jim Jones a “retired rapper,” Tekashi 6ix9ine still talks as if he’s still got the Nine Trey muscle to back him up (he does not). His baby mama fears his reckless mouth will get her and their daughter touched.

Speaking to TMZ, Sara Molina says that Tekashi’s recent back-and-forth with the likes of Lil Reese and 600 Breezy has her worrying that his trolling ways will have his enemies looking to hurt her or their daughter as Tekashi has paid security out his rainbow wazoo. Knowing that Tekashi has feds watching and protecting him at all times, 6ix9ine’s rivals know better than to try to put hands on him (something Tekashi uses to his advantage), but would they actually try to send him a message by getting at her and their seed? Molina certainly seems to think so.

Sara tells us she doesn’t want anything from Tekashi other than to think about their daughter’s safety and stop provoking possible violence, stay inside, and stay away from them.Tekashi obviously could care less about the actions his words produce. Molina even said that Tekashi hasn’t attempted to reconnect with their daughter after he was released from prison even though she says he tried to use her as a “prop” when he was fighting his prison sentence in court.
6ix9ine’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, is pointing the finger right back at Sara though, telling us … “What she says is all BS.” He adds that everything the rapper does is for a reason and he’s as “sharp as can be.”Well, Tekashi did try to get Lil Reese to snitch on himself on IG Live, so he’s definitely on top of his game for the feds who’s watching his every move.

At this point we hope rappers and rivals just avoid Tekashi’s trolling ways because everyone know why he’s doing it and it sure as hell ain’t cause he’s bout that life.

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