The Yutes Flex Effortlessly In Captivating “Bring It Back” Video

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By coalescing their Jamaican heritage and hip-hop acumen, The Yutes are uniquely positioned to impart a flavorful soundscape into the musical fold. Wasting no time, they’ve kicked off the year tremendously with the standout Curren$y-assisted weed anthem, “High Grade” — the first domino to fall in their comprehensive 2021 strategy. Today, The Yutes have thrown gas on the fire by bringing their biggest record-to-date, “Bring It Back,” to life with its official video.

Directed by acclaimed visionary Shomi Patwary, the mind behind A$AP Mob’s “Yamborghini High” and the 6x Platinum-certified “Ric Flair Drip,” the “Bring It Back” visual captures the song’s euphoric core by inviting viewers to live vicariously through The Yutes’ enthralling vantage point. Adorned with gold accents and designer items, the brotherhood duo flosses effortlessly among the fleet of foreign whips, beautiful women, and bucolic scenery, creating a captivating environment. It’s a vision of unadulterated opulence that is rooted in the culture; it drips with as much swag as it does aspirational messaging. As two ambitious kids from Jamaica, The Yutes are providing the blueprint for manifesting one’s dreams.

Further enhancing this dreamlike atmosphere, Shomi Patwary augments the stimulating optics by deploying a collection of gripping effects. Between the trippy elements and vibrant night club-esque lighting, the “Bring It Back” video’s texture is an intersecting pattern that plays like a thrilling psychedelic movie. It moves fluidly on hip-hop’s timeline to reinforce that The Yutes’ sound can’t be constrained to a specific moment — they are timeless.

While 2021 is still in its infancy, The Yutes are moving quickly and methodically to distance themselves from the competition. By the looks of the “Bring It Back” video, that plan is coming to fruition.

Watch the official “Bring It Back” video now

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