Wu-Tang Clan Releasing New 400-Pound Exclusive Photo Book

(AllHipHop News)

Out of the collective creative and business mind of the Wu-Tang Clan comes an exclusive book that provides the world a glorious peek into the life of the world’s most influential rap group. #ISWIS

The limited-edition book, which will only have 36 copies sold, will be 300 pages of rare and unreleased pictures from their illustrious career.

According to Wu-Tang Management CEO John “Mook” Gibbons, talk about the importance of the book.

“From conception to the present day, this is the story of the undisputed greatest Hip Hop group of all time being unveiled through rare and never before seen photos.” 36 books. 36 chambers. 36 pieces of art.”


Entitled “WU-TANG CLAN: LEGACY,” the photographs within the book are from not just professional paparazzi and documenters, like Danny Hastings, PROTIM PHOTO, Kyle Christie, Andy Cantillon, but also family, friends, and fans.

The book that will soon be available for pre-order, will get to the purchaser autographed and with a certificate of authenticity. The leather hardback WCL will be bound in Italy.

The sculptor Gethin Jones (a protégé of Antony Gormley) fashioned the case that will hold the book with 36 bronze encrusted, black steel chambers.

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